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Lonely? Depressed? Suicidal? We Are Here To Listen!
No problem is too big or small!

We understand that life is challenging and anyone can have feelings of distress, loneliness and even suicidal.

We are here to listen, free of charge. Our confidential line will connect you with a caring ear.... (read more)

blue bullet Loneliness blue bullet Unemployment blue bullet Health Issues
blue bullet School Problemsblue bullet Bereavement blue bullet Marital Breakdown
blue bullet Mental Illness blue bullet Drug/Alcohol Abuse blue bullet Depression
blue bullet Financial Problems blue bullet Physical/Sexual Abuse blue bullet Suicide

Get Help - We don't judge. We Listen. All calls are
confidential and non judgemental.... (read more)

Join Us - Volunteers make a huge impact on the
lives of others... (read more)

Privacy Policy
Our service is completely confidential and anonymous to ensure everyone feels comfortable reaching out to us for help.  Please download a copy of our Privacy Policy for more info.




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